Connect your Lightspeed account

You can import all your products, modifiers & variations at once. Follow the below steps to connect the Lightspeed account & Sayl platform.

Step by step :

Start from the General Dashboard, go to the menu section ‘Integrations’, select Lightspeed and click on “point of sale”. If no point of sale exists yet, click on the ‘Add button’ and fill in the required details.

Put a name in the Name field and select the related restaurant.

Click on the button ‘connect to Lightspeed’.

You will now need to log in into your Lightspeed account. Make sure you have the credentials of your Lightspeed cash register at hand.

Some Lightspeed customers have a password with escape characters in, like a backslash “\”. This causes the Lightspeed system to throw a “server error”, in the developer console you’ll see “URL_SCHEME incorrect”. To overcome this error, you must double each \. So if your password is 12\34, you must enter 12\\34.

The login user must have admin rights, otherwise you can not connect on the API

after connecting Lightspeed, you return to the Sayl screen. Click ‘Save’ at the right top.

Congrats: You just successfully connected Sayl with Lightspeed. Head on to the importing of products and tables.

Make sure orders arrive in LS at your preferred terms

In your POS menu in SAYL, you can choose how many minutes upfront products arrive in LS. This can come in handy to manage your ticket administration in the kitchen.

Ex. products for take-away will arrive 10 min upfront in your LS system.