Products & options

This article explains the do's and don'ts in the product & options .

Important remark for Lighstpeed users: the products and underlaying options are imported on the Sayl platform.

Let's start of with the product section.


Click on ‘add’ to create a new product.

You can watch the default and bundle video for a deep dive into this section.

Default video link:

Bundle video link:

you can also already start linking options and variations at this level.

If you want to upload pictures in SAYl to these products, then we recommend using this details. .


Aspect Ratio 1:1
Recommanded Size 850px width / 850px height
Fill Contain: The image will be scaled to maintain its aspect ratio while fitting the space available and avoir cropping. The entire image will be visible and
never cropped.
Background The background color is white
In the event that your image does not respect the ratio and some part are transparent, the color behind the image is white.
Supported formats JPEG, PNG, GIF
Transparency Supported with PNG
Animated images Not supported, even with GIF

Workload impact

An important feature in the product tab is the impact on the workload. This is linked with the capacity/timeslot at preparation location level.

You can set the impact this product has on the workload.


We set the impact of a pizza maison at 5 (product level)

In one of our production locations, we defined the total capacity of our Take away service per 30 min is 1000 (Preparation location level => applicable service => timelsots)

It will be possible to create 200 pizza maisons per 30 minutes between 11:00 and 14:00 on Mondays.
It won’t be possible to order for this specific 30 min time slot if this is exceeded.


We will now discuss the most important features within options.

The options & variants section allows you to really start making different versions of the same product.

Let's take a pizza maison (10 euro) as an example.

You can define a pizza maison large (13 euro) and a pizza maison Bambino (9 euro) as a variation.
Options then allow you to even dig deeper. A good example can be your choice of dough, add extras, things you don’t want on the pizza, add gluten free buns, ... You can define rules - requirements - specific amounts - … This video shows you how this can be easily set up.

Video link:

Updated on: 07/07/2021