Articles on: Sayl for Web3

What is Sayl token?

With Sayl we empower brands to create long-term relationships with ‘owners’ and therefore
we are building the next generation of relationship management software. Blockchain native, allowing
access to customer data in digital and physical worlds, orchestrating tokens and forging a meaningful
relationship between owners and brands via quests and perks.

The launch of the Sayl Token will introduce the utility that owners need to step into these meaningful
relationships. We thereby introduce a unique ‘**Engage-to-Earn**’ mechanic that works as a compulsion
loop and that creates continuous value for both brands and owners.

The value of the Sayl token is based on the combination of a unique business platform available for
brands, and the requirement that to buy the NFTs of the connected brands, buyers need to possess
either Sayl tokens or the derived brand tokens. Likewise, brands will need to buy Sayl tokens in the open
market in order to be able to push sponsored engagements.

Updated on: 10/04/2023