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What kind of files can I upload as NFT in Sayl?

As a quick recap before answering this question, NFTs have always a unique ID, they're owned and traded individually, with the smart contract keeping track of who owns what. An NFT is also able to link to data that is stored outside of a smart contract. Storing or processing data outside of a smart-contract is known as being off-chain. Because data that's stored on-chain needs to be processed, verified, and replicated across the entire blockchain network, it can be very expensive to store large amounts of data.

This is a problem for many NFT use cases, especially tokens that represent digital collectibles or artwork, where storing the entire work could cost the equivalent of millions of US Dollars. With Sayl we use IPFS to store large amounts of data.

So what file formats do we support?

all image formats

Contact us if you need other types of file formats.

Updated on: 06/08/2022