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What use cases does Sayl support in Web3?

The Sayl Cloud platform is a future-proof customer loyalty & engagements platform that supports multiple NFT use cases.

In the below list you can find a number of use cases that we support out-of-the-box

Membership program: people that become a member of your brand's community, get a NFT as proof of membership. This proof can be used both online by connecting their crypto wallet, or in-store by showing the wallet on their mobile, and then make it get scanned via the Sayl Store Manager App.

POAP hunt: define a number of POAPs within the Sayl admin, configure the claim page, download the QR codes and put them anywhere you want, in outlets, in your museum, your sports stadium etc. Now link that with the customer challenges capabilities of the Sayl platform and in a matter of minutes you have an exciting POAP hunt set up.

Digital Twin: when you purchase a physical asset, you receive a digital twin version

Imagine you are in a store, you buy a luxurious item and few moments later you receive the digital version of your purchase as NFT in your mailbox.

API integration use case

Based on an event or interaction within your platform, a NFT should be send to your customer, upon which this customer should be able to collect the NFT and mint it within a wallet.
You can find the Sayl API documentation here.

Give-away after specific action

When the customer does a certain engagement, example "The customer has bought 5 times during the past month" then they receive a free NFT.

This can be done via our Customer challenge pages, or via the Sayl Real-Time Interaction Builder

Token gates

When you want to achieve exclusivity with access-only for the owners of your NFT. Via our token gating you can turn any landing page, website or webshop into an 'member-only' access for those persons that own your NFT.

The token gate can also work in a physical "IRL (In Real Life)" context.

Event tickets

You can easily sell NFTs via our integrated and customizable webshop system, where the buyer purchases one of your NFTs that represent a ticket.
Staff members can use the Sayl Store Manager, to check the validity of the NFT ticket. Read more about how NFTs can change the events and ticketing industry.

Artwork sale

You have a certain artwork and you want to put it up as a NFT, without having to resort to marketplaces. You want an own brandable and customizable webshop.

Loyalty (online or in-store or in-resto)

Via Sayl you can invite your customers to collect their NFT. This invitation can be done extremely easily via our NFT management screen.
The moment the customer has collected the NFT, they will be able to see the perks and benefits that you define and link onto these NFTs. Since customer loyalty can go pretty broad in terms of use cases and scenarios, it's your creativity that decides what a customer should receive upon ownership of the NFT. Thanks to Sayl, you can change the benefits each single week, month or year...

Updated on: 19/05/2023