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Adapt the webshop: Sayl resto settings

In this article, we will discuss the following functionalities that are possible in the Sayl online ordering platform.

View your webshop (how does it look)
Personalise look and feel of the shop
Personalize the client check out
create QR codes
Personalize the URL

View your webshop

Wondering how you can set up the looks of your webshop? This can be done in the settings menu → click on menu option “Sayl Resto ”.
Select your shop, you now arrived in the Sayl Resto settings interface.

The first tab allows you to select your webshop URL.
We call it the URL builder.

Just select your storefront, service and language.
You will then see your website URL just below.

Look & Feel of the webshop

You can change the Look & Feel of the webshop.

First of all, choose your template.

The below printscreens show the difference between a single page and a Hierarchy display.

Hint, if you have a lot of products, you better choose the hierarchic page.

A. Hierarchic page

B. Single Page

Both options give you the choice to personalise this webpage. You can show category pictures, show comments sections, … Just click on the button and this will be accessible.

You can also take it a step further and change the total branding of the webshop.

This requires some technical knowledge and front end development from a web designer.

Go to Storefronts

Now create a new storefront for testing purposes
Go on the SAYL admin to Settings, then go to the URL builder (make sure you select the test storefront)
Add ?nocache=1 to the URL to clear the cache
Now you can let the designer work his magic (inspect,...)
Paste the text you want to change in the testing SAYL storefront like this:

This is now overwritten in SAYL.

Personalize the client check out

The tab “Customize fields during checkout” allows you to personalise the checkout. Again, you can just select the options that apply for your business.
It is important to notice that this can be adapted on a service level. You select the services where this checkout information applies to.

Create QR codes

There are two different ways to do this.

We could provide you with dynamic QR codes. Just tell us how many tables you have and we will send you top quality QR codes. The main advantage of these dynamic QR codes is that you can configure them yourself.

Watch the video or follow the next steps.

Just go to the SSM app, choose the option “Link a Sayl Resto sticker” and then scan the QR code.

Select the table you want to link and you are good to go.

If you are willing to print the stickers yourselves, the Sayl program also allows you to just export the QRs straight from the programm.

Go to “Sayl Resto ” in the settings section.
Select "Print your Sayl Resto stickers".

First, The program asks to select the applicable tables.
You can then select a store front, print service, language and template.

If you confirm this, you can then choose to print the QRs in pdf.

If you want to create your own stickers, then just choose the Excel or .CSV option. This then
provides you a list of codes which you can link to your own branded QR stickers.

Personalise the URL

Configure your domain name (“”) or subdomain name (“”) and let the A record point to the IP address

Now let the Sayl Resto team know which storefront will use this subdomain, and we configure the rest.

Updated on: 19/05/2023