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Link Sendgrid for personalised e-mail services

Regarding mail, we give you the possibility to these possibilities:
Use the templates of Sayl Resto : this is done automatically for you.
You use your own templates in replacement of the ones of Sayl Resto
You use the workflows to send your templates whenever you want

The second and third option require that you create a Sengrid account.
This email delivery service enables you to deliver your transactional and marketing emails to your clients.

Follow these steps to install:

Login in You need to create an Essentials packet.
Create a new Dynamic template in email API.

Add a new version to your template: you can create one yourself or use one of our examples by pasting this code in the template.
Set the email
Send the list of id's of the template you want to replace to Don't forget to indicate to which template they correspond (eg : order confirmed FR)

If you are ready to become a Sayl power user and start using the endless possibilities of the workflows, you can link Sendgrid to the Sayl platform.

You need to create an API key to achieve this.

Just go to settings -> API keys
Create an API key.

Make sure you saved the API (do not use this one from the example, it won’t work).
go to the Sayl platform, CMS and select sendgrid settings.
Add new and paste the API.

Updated on: 22/11/2021