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Set up your timeslots

This article explains how you can set up your preferred opening hours.

first, go to settings:

You will find an identical menu in 'Shops' & 'preparation locations'. Both menus allow you to define time slots.

It is important to understand the difference between the settings of ‘shops’ and ‘preparation locations’.

Shops timeslots will enable your customers to order at these specific moments.
We recommend that you set up from 00h00m tot 23H59m. So people can order 24/7 in fact.
This influences whether or not a client can continue from your shop to the confirmation page:

If the order time does not match the configured time at shop level, the client won't be able to order.

Preparations locations timeslots are the hours there will be a real client interaction, like a pickup in the restaurant.
If you set up in preparation locations => delivery => time slots from 17h00m to 21h00m, clients will be able to get their delivery between these hours.
It's also here that you choose the duration of the shown timeslots.
In this example, the duration is set on 15min.

The timeslots on preparation location level define this section

Workload impact

Last but not least, there is the capacity field. You can choose a total capacity per timelsot, which is then linked to a productscore
set at product level.

Allow us to explain with an example:

We set the impact of a pizza maison at 5 (product level)

In one of our production locations, we defined the total capacity of our Take away service per 30 min is 1000 (Preparation location level => applicable service => timelsots)

It will be possible to create 200 pizza maisons per 30 minutes between 11:00 and 14:00 on Mondays.
It won’t be possible to order for this 30 min time slot if this is exceeded.

Updated on: 22/11/2021