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Set up in lightspeed: payment means, table mapping, delivery method pricing & voucher coupons

In order to make it possible for Sayl Resto to integrate with LS, some important configuration should be done in Lightspeed.

This involves dedicating the payment means & table mapping with Sayl Resto names. Potentially you will also need to configure your delivery method pricing & voucher coupons between LS and Sayl Resto.

Payment means

You must define a dedicated payment method for the online payments that go via Sayl Resto. Just add one of the following names to your payment methods in LS and our Sayl Resto system will automatically recognise this:
For cash payment :add one of the following pay methods: 'Ask Emma cash', 'askemma cash' (note: cash is in practice only used for testing reasons for takeaway/delivery. When going live, remove this payment method in LS. When using eatin in combination with ‘pay at cash register’, askemma cash should be there!)
For online payment : 'askemma'
During the injection into Lightspeed, Sayl Resto will check if one of these payment types are defined. If one value matches, the payment is then automatically linked to that payment type.

payment types Lightspeed

The payment type field of the method ‘askemma’ must be eligible for online payments. In most cases, this is something like ‘CARD’. If you configure the type field wrong in the payment method within Lightspeed, your orders will NOT arrive in Lightspeed.

If you use eatin, we strongly recommend not to use ‘cash’ as a payment method. This will lead to problems in the handling of your cashier. For Delivery and Takeaway, there is no problem.

Table mapping

For reporting reasons, and to print the table name on the LS ticket, do the following: create the following tables in LS.
For Takeaway : Ask Emma takeaway', 'askemma takeaway'

For Delivery : Ask Emma delivery', 'askemma delivery'

During the injection into Lightspeed, Sayl Resto will check if one of these table names are defined. When there is a match, the order is automatically linked to the said table.

Create your delivery pricing amount

Sayl allows you to create multiple delivery methods, each one with a specific pricing. See how to do this:

Step 1: create your delivery method in SAYL (Shops -> Delivery -> Add delivery method) and enter a clear to understand “slug”. The slug should contain no spaces and no weird characters.

In this example, the slug is called: Gent

delivery cost

Step 2 - create a new product in your Lightspeed account

In Lightspeed, create a new product
Important: make sure the PLU of this new Lightspeed product matches EXACTLY with the SLUG that you define in SAYL.

edit lightspeed product

If you want to offer multiple delivery methods to your customer, you must do the obvious: create for each delivery method a product in Lightspeed, and a delivery method in Sayl, and make sure that every time the slug of the delivery method is exactly matching.

Connect vouchers

To ensure that Sayl Resto vouchers are recognized in your LS account,follow these steps.

Step 1 - create a voucher in SAYL and assign a specific code to it.

connect your vouchers

Create a new discount in LS. Make sure the LS PLU matches with the SAYL code

Edit discount

This voucher is now registered in LS.

Example of a receipt detail

Updated on: 10/06/2023