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Connecting your restaurant printer that is connected to lightspeed

This article helps you answering the question: “Why do my orders not print in my Point Of Sale system?”, specifically for the Sayl integration with the Lightspeed POS Resto.

1. The printing template is wrong

Lightspeed automatically decides if an order must go to the kitchen or bar based on the “printing template” of the product category of a product. So if your order is not sent straight into the kitchen, open the Restaurant manager, go to the product, check which product category. Now go to the product categories, choose the category that you want. A popup comes up. Click on the “printing template” link.
A popup comes up and lets you choose between Bar and Kitchen. Note that you first have to click the selected value before you can switch to another value.
Cocktails, soft drinks and coffee will go to the bar, warm food will go to the kitchen.
Note: if an order is shot in, the resto does not expect that the printer at the cash register already prints something. At that moment, only printer at bar and kitchen should do its work.

2. The Lightspeed settings could be not correct

- auto accept and finalize

- only finalize when order is 0

when there is no GKS (black box), following settings should be put:

Lightspeed settings

3. The “open amount” is not zero due to price difference

It could be there is a different price between what is in the cash register, and what is in Sayl. If the customer pays, and then LS sees that the price does not match, LS will put the order in the cash register but it will NOT print the ticket. This is perfectly normal when it is a “Cash” order, because the order still needs to be paid.
A price difference cause can be very stupid, certainly when % discounts are given, like a rounding error (differences of 0,01 euro). This will cause that nothing is printed.

4. The order is on status New, but not in “Accepted” in Lightspeed
fix by: adding a payment type “sayl” or “sayl cash”

or, change in SSM app the status from “viewed”, to “accepted”. You will notice there is a sync.

As always, order sync can take a couple of minutes

Updated on: 27/10/2023