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How do I change the branding of my Sayl Resto shop (font,colors,...) ?

The Sayl Resto online ordering solution helps you to show your food & beverage webshop in your own brand and look & feel.

Modifying your eshop requires some technical knowledge, especially some CSS knowledge which is typically known by a web designer. When you are not sure how to do things, we also have some templates available for you to use.

In the admin, go to Commerce --> Storefronts
Now create a new storefront for testing purposes
Paste the text you want to change in the testing SAYL storefront like this:

Any change to the CSS can then be viewed by clicking in the right top.

Sayl resto link

Make sure to tick the box "clear the server cache" so you see the latest CSS content.

Sayl resto css cache

Alternatively, you can manually add ?nocache=1 to the webshop URL to clear the cache

For inspiration, visit the Take Away site of Ellis.

Updated on: 19/05/2023