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How to connect Sayl with Plug & Pos?

Support for Plug & Pos cloud-based cash register

Sayl Cloud has an integration with the cash register solution Plug & Pos. Through this integration, Sayl also supports ordering at a kiosk (like done at McDonalds) with a native app, payment terminal and ticket printing.


you can import products defined in Plug & Pos into Sayl
you can centralize order data and customer data in Sayl
you can push products from Sayl into Plug & Pos

The possibility of pushing products from Sayl into P&P is interesting when you want to use the kiosk solution but you use another POS system that is linked to Sayl.

In this step-by-step article we explain you the steps to take in order to link Sayl with Plug&Pos.

Go to integrations

Select Plug & Pos

Click on 'Configure a new connection'

In the popup that comes up, do the following:
select a preparation location
enter a name for the configuration
enter the API configuration data:

- P&P user name and password: this is the username/password combination you use to log into the Plug&Pos backoffice. In the P&P backoffice you can also make additional users, if you don't want to put your own Plug&Pos username/password
- API Client ID put web.api and API Secret put web.api.secret
- Entity ID go in the backoffice of Plug&Pos to the settings, take 'my organisation' and above the company name and VAT number etc, you will find the #ID that you must use here.

After the connection has been configured, you have the ability to import products, export products.
Sayl and Plug and Pos

In the settings of Plug & Pos, you must also create a new webhook for Sayl, so it is alerted whenever there is a new order in Plug & Pos:
Use the 'copy' icon button to copy the above link into the webhook settings page in the Plug & Pos admin.

Updated on: 10/06/2023