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How to start with Sayl - for a restaurant or resto chain

Follow these steps to get started with SAYL in no time when you want to sell online and link the orders with your Lightspeed cash register:

For a deepdive on these subjects, you can check the other articles on this helpdesk.

Connect your LS account.
Create a Storefront and link it to the applicable shop.
Set up your timeslots at shop and preparation location level. You can also add banners.
Link the correct payment method.
Clean up your LS account. Set up the necessary configuration at LS level.
Import your products and tables at SAYL.
Create QR codes by using the SSM app.
Create your allergenes , vouchers, display rules, loyalty module, ... in SAYL. Make sure that they are correctly linked with LS.
Check out your webshop though the URL builder and embed this link on your website.
Optimise the preferred check out experience for your clients in the SAYL Resto settings.

Updated on: 19/05/2023