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How to upload a list of voucher gift card codes?

Imagine you have a list of voucher or gift card codes that you want people to use, both in the restaurant/shop and online.

For this article we will take a realistic example where a group of 10 people of a specific company will come to eat, and each of them should get a voucher of 25 euro, which they can use during the online ordering or physically at the till. The restaurant will then send an invoice of 250 euro to the company, where the 10 people work.

What do you need to do, step by step?

1. Create an Excel with all the codes and their respective value

The list can be as simple as this:

voucher codes list

We see in column A the code, and in column B the amount. No need to mention the currency. Save or download the file on your computer as you will need to upload them in the next steps.

2. Steps in Sayl

2.1 Go to menu 'vouchers', select 'Voucher templates'.

Click 'Add'


2.2 Enter an understandable name for the template

In our example, let's say the company is Microsoft (short: MS) and the date when they will come eat is 23 October (short: 2310). So let's put EventMS2310

--> You will see that the Prefix is automatically filled in but you can ignore it for now.

2.3 Choose wallet and set amount

Set amount

Do not hit save yet, but at the right side, do the next step

2.4 Generate the list of the codes yourself

Select the 2nd option of the "codes generation mode" and deactivate the "include the prefix in the code generation"

The warning part you can ignore for now.

generate the codes for sayl

2.5 Click 'Save changes'

2.6 Go to the second tab and click 'import voucher codes via file'

import option

Now take the CSV file you created in the first step, and upload it.

Bulk create vouchers

The result should be this:

generated codes

2.7 Link the uploaded codes to vouchers / gift cards that can be used in Sayl

First go the generated vouchers tab and click 'Bulk create'

Bulk create 2

The quantity should match the number of codes you have uploaded. In our case it was 10.

Quantity vouchers

2.8 The vouchers are now available for usage, great work!

usable sayl vouchers

You can find an overview of the vouchers by going into the "Library", where whe have aggregated all vouchers that belong together:

aggregated view

Click on the folder and you will see there are 10 vouchers. Click on any one of them. Copy it.

3. Sayl Resto

In Sayl Resto, in the checkout

add voucher code

The order of 12 euro gets deducted to zero euro, and the customer still has 13 euro to spend:

still to spend

4. In the restaurant, at the till (Lightspeed L series)

To be sure the check of the vouchers work, you must have the "Loyalty" payment button activated. This button will only be visible when Sayl has been activated in your Lightspeed L-series account as an accredited loyalty provider.

In the payments screen in Lightspeed app, your staff needs to click the Loyalty button, select the name of the customer or create a new customer name, and then click "continue". In the webpage that comes up, click 'scan a voucher' and enter the voucher code. If it exists, the payment in the LS cash register will be reduced with the voucher amount.

Updated on: 23/10/2023