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How to validate a giftcard in Lightspeed L-series via Sayl?

When a customer wants to pay in the restaurant and they mention they have a gift card, then follow these steps in order to validate it:

Step 1 - overview of shopping basket

The next step is important. First of all, click on the "Loyalty" button, or "Loyalty (Sayl)" button, depending how it is named.

Either you choose to create a new customer for every person that comes with a gift card. Your data will be better and more enriched, but the process is longer
Either you choose to create one time a dummy customer, and whenever someone comes in with a gift card, you assign the gift card to that dummy user

In this example we will follow the steps for a dummy user. Note: make sure your dummy user has an email address when you create the dummy user.

Step 2 - search dummy user and select it

Now click on the Continue button.

Step 3 - dummy user selected and continue

In the webpage, click on 'Scan a voucher'.

Step 4 - click on scan a Sayl voucher

Enter the gift card code or scan the QR code displayed in the email.

Step 5 - enter the gift card code

The Sayl platform will check how much balance remains on the gift card, and will match that with the outstanding amount of the bill that the customer must pay in the restaurant.
Click on the Submit the redemption.

Step 6 - submit the redemption

The webpage of Sayl will close and you are back in the payment screen of Lightspeed. Since the gift card amount was big enough to pay for the whole meal, there is nothing left to pay.

Step 7 - meal is paid by the gift card

Updated on: 30/10/2023