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Lightspeed Resto POS FAQ

Can I have different prices on the same product?

Lightspeed supports different prices for 1 single product, per service. For example, you can say that in take-away, a pizza costs 10 euro, while in delivery it costs 12 euro, while in eat-in it costs 11 euro.
In Sayl Resto we do not support multiple prices on 1 product,and we do not want to become a clone of Lightspeed in that respect. To solve this, if you really have different prices for your products (depending on take-away/delivery/eat-in), you must create separate PLU’s for the same product, in Lightspeed.

My options are not printed on the LS ticket?

In LS, you have to make sure that the multi select is active:

enabling lightspeed options in no time

Also, you have to make sure that the title in LS matches with the title in SAYL. You can adapt this really easy like this:

I don’t want to manually accept incoming orders in LS all the time?

You must define a dedicated payment method for the online payments that go via[ Sayl Resto]( . Just add one of the following names to your payment methods in LS and our Sayl Resto system will automatically recognise this:

For cash payment : 'sayl cash' (note: cash is in practice only used for testing reasons. In a live setup, remove this payment method in LS)
For online payment : 'sayl'

If one value matches, the payment is then automatically linked to that payment type.


Make sure your 'sayl cash' method is linked to cash, and your ‘sayl’ is linked to card.

Cash should never be made as a payment type in Lightspeed. This is because the customer can pay with a bank card, or other payment methods when he picks up the order.

The payment type that you create must be eligible for online payments.

If you use eatin, we strongly recommend not to use ‘cash’ as a payment method. This will lead to problems in the handling of your cashier. For Delivery and Takeaway, there is no problem.

I would like my tickets to enter in LS only ... min up front ?

In your POS menu in SAYL (LS resto extension) , you can choose how many minutes upfront products arrive in LS. This can come in handy to manage your ticket administration in the kitchen.

Ex. products will arrive for Click&Collect 10 min before the pick up time in your LS system.

How do I import the tables?

You can import tables automatically from LS.

Just go to the Lightspeed resto extension and select points of sale.
Select the correct prep location and click on import tables. You can import all tables or just select the ones you want to import.

if you are not connected to LS, just add a table in Eatin => locations.

You will find the tables back in Eatin => locations.

I have a table for my Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc orders. I want the same for my Sayl Resto orders. How do I do that?

Updated on: 19/05/2023