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Loyalty and giftcard support within Lightspeed POS cash register

Sayl is an official Lightspeed Resto Loyalty provider, thereby supporting restaurant managers in rolling out an omnichannel reward program.

What do we mean with omnichannel?


Your clients can order online and save points. Points can be redeemed for a discount or for a physical perk (like a present).

In the Restaurant

Sayl is integrated in Lightspeed POS. Upon activation, a "Loyalty" button will be available in your payment methods right in your cash register.
The background color of the Loyalty button can be changed in the Lightspeed admin, screen "Payment types".

Sayl Lightspeed POS

What can I do with this Loyalty button

The loyalty button will lead to a Sayl webpage that loads within your Lightspeed POS app.

On this webpage, you will be able to

assign points to the customer
create a new customer
identify a customer based on Apple wallet/Android wallet
validate a voucher or giftcard

How does my customer gets loyalty points? I want that my staff has to do as little actions as possible!

The assignment of points happens fully automatically, your staff does not need to do anything. Here are the steps

On the Lightspeed Payments screen, click on the button "Loyalty"
Select the client that should get points and click "Continue"
The webpage loads and your staff member must click the "close" button
That's it.

Lightspeed Loyalty via Sayl

What happens if the customer finally does not pay?

There could be a rare side case that your customer orders something at the till, your staff member creates the bill, then clicks loyalty so the points will be assigned to the client, but that eventually it turns out the client has not enough money, or that they forgot their bank card... You don't want that they get rewarded with loyalty points when they don't pay, right?
To avoid such scenario, we reconcile the order and the payment after 10 minutes. If it is not paid by then, the assigned points will not settle and the customer will therefore not receive any points.

My staff members do not know English, does it work in other languages too?

The Sayl webpages works in multiple languages, so if your Lightspeed cash register is in Dutch, it will load in Dutch for example.

How does the application of a discount voucher gets reconciliated in the Lightspeed cash register?

When users want to enjoy a discount in-store, they must log into their loyalty account, go to the vouchers section, and exchange their collected points for a voucher. This will generate a voucher code that can be used in-store.

In the Sayl webpage that the waiter opens by clicking the "Loyalty" button in the Lightspeed app, there is a possibility to 'scan a voucher'. The voucher can then be scanned and or inputted manually. After applying the discount, there will be a new line 'redeemed giftcard' on the ticket.

and when the client paid:

Updated on: 13/09/2023