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Set up your shop

Creating a shop for online ordering at a restaurant or bar can be done in Sayl Resto by following a number of predefined steps.

Setup your shop
logos and banners
shop services
payment services
link catalog
times to order
Exceptional closing days
Order x days upfront
for delivery: delivery methods

Set up your shop

Note: to make changes to your shop, you will first need to create at least one menu catalog.

In the menu, go to 'Commerce', take menu 'Settings' and choose submenu 'Shops'. Click on the shop that you will see in the overview section.

There are several tabs in the shop detail screen:

Enter timeslots. On shop level should be from 0:00 to 23:59. Make sure to select the catalog you created.

You will find an identical menu in preparation locations. Both menus allow you to define time slots. It is important to understand the difference between the settings of ‘shops’ and ‘preparation locations’.

Shops timeslots will enable your customers to order at these specific moments. We recommend that you set up from 00h00m tot 23H59m. So people can order 24/7 in fact.

Preparations locations timeslots are the hours there will be a real client interaction, like a pickup in the restaurant. If you set up in preparation locations => delivery => time slots from 17h00m to 21h00m, clients will be able to get their delivery between these hours.

The your-shop tab allows you to change your address, add logos and banners that will be shown on the service level, add payment methods, add text that will be shown in AE front and add social media links.

Logos and banners

These are the ideal banner settings


Aspect Ratio
The browser size depends on the device (mobile, tablet & desktop). We enforce this ratio on all of them to optimize the display area. Respecting the ratio means your image will be displayed properly on all screen sizes and avoid cropping.

Recommanded Size
816px width / 459px height

The image will be resized while maintaining the aspect ratio to fill the entire available area. The entire image is made to fill the space available and be cropped if needed.

The background color is white
In the event that your image does not respect the ratio and some part are transparent, the color behind the image is white.

Supported formats

Supported with PNG

Animated images

Not supported, even with GIF

If you enable a new service (ex. Eat in) in the settings section (shops & preparation location), don’t forget to check in the storefront section if the service is not excluded. Otherwise it won’t be shown in your webshop.

Payment services

Sayl supports different payment methods. As a customer of Sayl , you can make use of our preferred payment tarif fees, be sure to ask us.

Things to know about the payment methods:

You can rename the payment method as you like.
Other set up options are the min/max amount and to exclude services that use this payment method.

Our preferred partner, we do the set up for you.


Make sure you add the payment method → Select “Paypal checkout”

If you accept paypal, then you will also have to provide us in the configuration area a client id and secret.

The link can help you retrieve this..
Make sure you put in the Live keys (not the Sandbox keys).


Add this payment method if you want to force the input of a voucher before people can checkout.

Click & Collect

Your shop - Click and collect - delivery - virtual - Eatin

You can add the time slots that people can order in this service, and copy this all the other days. You can also just set it up day by day.

If you push the enable button in the right corner, this service will be activated and clients will be able to order during the hours you determined.

It is extremely important that you link a catalog to a specific service (otherwise your menu will not show up).
You can ofcourse select the same catalog per service.

Ordering time upfront

On shop level you can indicate how much time a customer at minimum must order upfront. Note that if the business rule is “A customer should at latest order 2 hours upfront” will translate in:

“4” when the timeslot settings are done per 30 minutes
“8” when the timeslot settings are set per 15 minutes
“12” when the timeslot settings are per 10 minutes, etc...

The Shift-days field lets you indicate how many days upfront an order should be placed. For example, imagine that for delivery, you do not want “same day” orders. Then you can indicate “Shift days” as 1.

Exceptions on normal day-times can also be set up in this section. You can allow or deny or to order. For example, you close on new years day.


Your shop - Click and collect - Delivery - Virtual - Eatin

You can easily set up your delivery methods in this section. Just select the button “create a new delivery method” and “create a new delivery price”.

Select the applicable country and postal codes (don’t forget to click the add button). You can also choose the cost of delivery and set up a base amount.
You can enter multiple postal codes that you deliver to.

If you would like to work with different delivery prices, you can just add a new delivery method.

For the LS users: in order to connect your delivery method pricing from SAYL to your LS account, you must create an extra product in LS with the same PLU as the SLUG in SAYL. This may look a bit complicated but it is in fact really easy.
Let us explain with an example.

Create your delivery method in SAYL (Shops -> Delivery -> Add delivery method)

Create a new product in your LS account

Preparation location

Updated on: 21/02/2024